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By Itin Y.

The teleparallel coframe gravity might be considered as a generalization of the standardGR. A coframe (a box of 4 autonomous 1-forms) is taken into account, during this approach,to be a simple dynamical variable. The metric tensor is handled as a secondarystructure. the overall Lagrangian, quadratic within the first order derivatives of thecoframe box isn't certain. It contains 3 dimensionless unfastened parameters. Weconsider a vulnerable box approximation of the final coframe teleparallel version. Inthe linear approximation, the sector variable, the coframe, is covariantly diminished tothe superposition of the symmetric and antisymmetric box. We require this reductionto be preserved at the degrees of the Lagrangian, of the sector equations, and ofthe conserved currents. this happens if and provided that the natural Yang-Mills-type time period isremoved from the Lagrangian. The absence of this time period is understood to be necessaryand enough for the life of the workable (Schwarzschild) spherical-symmetricsolution. furthermore, a similar situation promises the absence of ghosts and tachyonsin particle content material of the speculation. The situation above is proven lately tobe important for a well-defined Hamiltonian formula of the version. right here wederive an identical situation within the Lagrangian formula via the vulnerable fieldreduction.

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