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By Matthew Meyer

In Japan, it's acknowledged that there are eight million kami. those spirits surround all kinds of supernatural creature; from malign to significant, demonic to divine, and every little thing in among. so much of them appear unusual and scary—even evil—from a human point of view. they're recognized by means of myriad names: bakemono, chimimoryo, mamono, mononoke, obake, oni, and yokai.

Yokai reside in an international that parallels our personal. Their lives resemble ours in lots of methods. they've got societies and rivalries. They devour, sing, dance, play, struggle, compete, or even salary conflict. usually, we hold to our international they usually hold to theirs. notwithstanding, there are occasions and locations the place the limits among the worlds skinny, and crossing over is feasible.

The twilight hour—the border among sunlight and darkness—is whilst the boundary among worlds is at its thinnest. Twilight is the best time for yokai to go into this global, or for people to incidentally pass into theirs. Our international remains to be conscious and lively, however the international of the supernatural is commencing to stir. Superstition tells humans to come to their villages and remain inside of whilst the sunlight units on the way to stay away from working into demons. it's because in jap the twilight hour is named omagatoki: "the hour of assembly evil spirits."

This encyclopedia comprises over a hundred twenty five illustrated entries detailing the monsters of jap folklore and the myths and magic surrounding them.

This booklet used to be first funded on Kickstarter in 2013.

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