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content material: Ring-opening polymerization : advent / James E. McGrath --
Anionic polymerization of cyclosiloxanes with cryptates as counterions / Sylvie Boileau --
Anionic polymerization of ethylene oxide with lithium catalysts : answer homes of styrene-ethylene oxide block polymers / Roderic P. Quirk and Norman S. Seung --
loose radical ring-opening polymerization / William J. Bailey --
Mechanism of N-carboxy anhydride polymerization / H. James Harwood --
Ring-opening polymerization within the synthesis of block copolymers / D.H. Richards --
Metal-alcoholate initiators : resources of questions and solutions in ring-opening polymerization of heterocyclic monomers / P. Teyssié, J.P. Bioul, P. Condé, J. Druet, J. Heuschen, R. Jérôme, T. Ouhadi, and R. Warin --
Solvent and substituent results within the anionic polymerization of [alpha], [alpha]-disubstituted [beta]-propiolactones / Robert W. Lenz, Eileen M. Minter, Douglas B. Johns, and Søren Hvilsted --
Structure-reactivity relationships in ring-opening polymerization / Stanislaw Penczek, Przemyslaw Kubisa, Stanislaw Slomkowski, and Krzysztof Matyjaszewski --
regulate of ring-opening polymerization with metalloporphyrin catalysts : mechanistic features / Shohei Inoue and Takuzo Aida --
Anionic ring-opening polymerization of octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane within the presence of 1,3-bis(aminopropyl)-1,1,3,3-tetramethyldisiloxane / P.M. Sormani, R.J. Minton, and James E. McGrath --
a stronger strategy for [epsilon]-caprolactone-containing block polymers / H.L. Hseih and I.W. Wang --
Organolithium polymerization of [epsilon]-caprolactone / Maurice Morton and Meiyan Wu --
Cationic heterocyclic polymerization / E. Franta and L. Reibel --
Thermally or photochemically precipitated cationic polymerization / J.V. Crivello --
Polymerization of substituted oxiranes, epoxy aldehydes, and derived oxacyclic monomers / Z.J. Jedliński, M. Bero, J. Kasperczyk, and M. Kowalczuk --
Polymerization and copolymerization of N-alkylaziridines / E.J. Goethals, M. Van De Velde, G. Eckhaut, and G. Bouquet --
Block copolymer of poly(ethylene glycol) and poly(N-isovalerylethylenimine): kinetics of initiation / M.H. Litt and X. Swamikannu --
Synthesis and functions of polysiloxane macromers / Yuhsuke Kawakami and Yuya Yamashita --
Homopolymerization of epoxides within the presence of fluorinated carbon acids : catalyst alterations / J. Robins and C. younger --
Mechanism of ring-opening polymerization of bicycloalkenes by way of metathesis catalysts / Harriet E. Ardill, Ruth M.E. Greene, James G. Hamilton, H. Thoi Ho, Kenneth J. Ivin, Grzegorz Lapienis, G. Malachy Mccann, and John J. Rooney --
Electrophilic ring-opening polymerization of latest cyclic trivalent phosphorus compounds : a singular mechanism of ionic polymerization / Shiro Kobayashi --
Synthesis and polymerization of atom-bridged bicyclic acetals and ortho esters : a dioxacarbenium ion mechanism for ortho ester polymerization / Anne Buyle Padias, Ryszard Szymanski, and H.K. corridor, Jr. --
Radiation-induced cationic polymerization of limonene oxide, [alpha]-pinene oxide, and [beta]-pinene oxide / James A. Aikins and Ffrancon Williams --
Cationic ring-opening polymerization of epichlorohydrin within the presence of ethylene glycol / Yoshihisa Okamoto --
Lactone polymerization : pivalolactone and comparable lactones / William H. Sharkey.

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