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By Archie Kalokerinos

Within the Seventies, an Australian surgeon named Archie Kalokerinos volunteered to serve the Aboriginal humans within the opal mining sector of Australia. He stumbled on that an wonderful 50% of babies have been loss of life, basically from SIDS. He famous that the folks and their babies have been nearly thoroughly poor of nutrition C of their nutrition, and commenced a supplementation application. ahead of lengthy the baby mortality fee had dropped to close 0, and no baby to that end died of SIDS. In 1978, Dr. Irwin Stone, one of many medical professionals who pioneered learn in diet C, suggested this in a paper awarded on the convention On Controversies In Human And medical food that SIDS used to be in truth as a result what he referred to as persistent Subclinical Scurvy (vitamin C deficiency):

The unexpected youngster dying Syndrome (SIDS) or Crib dying, has been proven via the Australian staff, A. Kalokerinos and G. Dettman, to be a manifestation of childish scurvy, considering all babies, born of moms who depended exclusively on their vitamin as their in simple terms resource of ascorbate, are born with the CSS Syndrome after 9 months of intrauterine scurvy (Stone. 1978). SIDS will be avoided via expanding the infant’s consumption of ascorbate (Cook, 1978). This has been recognized and released for the reason that 1974 (Kalokerinos, 1974). (Irwin Stone, 8 many years of Scurvy - The Case historical past of a deceptive nutritional speculation, 1978).

Many of those babies have been demise after receiving government-mandated vaccinations. Dr. Thomas Levy writes:

Vaccinations additionally commonly current some extent of toxin insult to the physique. Kalokerinos (1981) saw that nutrition C-deficient Aboriginal babies have been frequently positioned into an acute kingdom of scurvy as a result of the extra nutrition C calls for put on their our bodies by way of the vaccination injections, leading to surprising demise. (Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD, nutrition C, Infectious ailments, & pollutants – Curing The Incurable, 2002).

Dr. Kalokerinos wrote approximately his adventure in his first e-book "Every moment Child," and with the aid of different physicians geared up a countrywide travel of the U.S. with the opposite health professional who labored with him on nutrition C and SIDS, Dr. Glen Dettman. however the clinical career right here and the NIH marginalized and overlooked his paintings.

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