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By Michel Foucault

Might be the French philosopher's masterpiece, that's interested by a rare query: What does it suggest to be mad?

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For a protracted time—until the start of the 17th century— the dialogue of melancholia remained mounted in the culture of the 4 humors and their crucial traits: solid traits truly inherent in a substance, which on my own will be regarded as their reason. For Jean Fernel, the melancholic humor, with regards to earth and to autumn, is a juice "thick in consistency, chilly and dry in temperament. " yet within the first 1/2 the century, a debate all started over the foundation of melancholia: needs to one unavoidably have a melancholic temperament to be troubled with melancholia? Is the melancholic humor consistently chilly and dry—is it by no means hot, or humid? Is it the substance which acts, or the characteristics that are transmitted? The result of this lengthy debate will be summarized as follows: 1. The causality of drugs is more and more changed by means of a circulation of features, which, with none vehicular capability, are instantly transmitted from physique to soul, from humor to principles, from organs to behavior. therefore, for Duncan's Apologist the simplest facts that the melancholic juice produces melancholia is that during it one reveals the very characteristics of the disorder: "The melancholic juice possesses to a miles higher measure the stipulations essential to produce melancholia than your fiery angers; considering that via its coldness, it diminishes the volume of spirits; through its dryness, it renders them in a position to retaining for a very long time the kind of a robust and chronic mind's eye; and through its blackness, it deprives them in their ordinary readability and subtlety. "3 2. there's, in addition to this mechanics of traits, a dynamics that analyzes the energy to be came across imprisoned in every one. therefore chilly and dryness can input into clash with the temperament, and this competition will generate signs of melancholia violent in percentage to the fight: (119) the power that prevails and sweeps away all that resists it. therefore girls, whose nature is little prone to depression, fall a prey to all of it the extra heavily: "They are cruelly used and violently disturbed by way of it, for melancholia being extra against their temperament, it eliminates them farther from their typical structure. "4 three. however it is typically in the caliber itself that the clash is generated. a top quality could modify during its improvement and develop into the other of what it used to be. hence while "the entrails are heated, while all simmers in the physique . . . and all of the juices are consumed," then this conflagration can flip to chilly melancholia— generating "almost a similar factor attributable to the circulation of wax in a torch grew to become the wrong way up. . . . This cooling of the physique is the traditional impression which follows excessive warmth as soon as it has thrown off and exhausted its vigour. "5 there's a form of dialectic of features which, loose from any constraint of substance, from any predeterminadon, makes its method via reversals and contradictions. four. ultimately, features can be altered through injuries, conditions, the stipulations of lifestyles; in order that a being who's dry and chilly can turn into hot and humid, if his lifestyle inclines him to it; as in the case of ladies: they "remain in idleness, their our bodies are inclined to perspire much less [than these of men], and warmth, spirits, and humors stay inside of.

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