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By Hoyle Leigh

What produces psychological sickness: genes, atmosphere, both,neither? the reply are available in memes―replicable devices of data linking genes and surroundings within the reminiscence and in culture―whose results on person mind improvement might be benign or poisonous. This e-book reconceptualizes psychological problems as items of annoying gene-meme interactions and introduces a biopsychosocial template for meme-based analysis and therapy. quite a number healing modalities, either broad-spectrum (meditation) and specific(cognitive-behavioral), for countering unfavourable memes and their replication are thought of, as are probabilities for memetic prevention suggestions. during this publication, the writer outlines the jobs of genes and memes within the evolution of the human mind; elucidates the construction, garage, and evolution of memes inside of person brains; examines tradition as a provider and provider of memes to the person; offers examples of gene-meme interactions which can bring about anxiousness, melancholy, and different problems; proposes a multiaxial gene-meme version for diagnosing psychological affliction; identifies parts of meme-based prevention for at-risk childrens; and defines particular syndromes by way of memetic signs, genetic/ memetic improvement, and meme-based remedy.

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