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Student Workbook for necessities of Anatomy and body structure, seventh Edition

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Leading the best way for almost 25 years with unsurpassed readability, content material, and completeness.

Make anatomy and body structure enjoyable and straightforward to review. via six versions, this best-selling textual content has led the best way with precisely what you must construct an organization beginning during this must-know topic.

A student-friendly writing kind, wonderful artwork application, a wealth of studying possibilities in each bankruptcy, and on-line actions instill self assurance each step of ways. It’s the best advent to the realm of anatomy.

The seventh variation supplies much more of what nursing and allied health and wellbeing scholars in a number of disciplines have to meet the demanding situations of wellbeing and fitness care this day. And, it’s ready-made for a number of studying styles.

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Qxd 162 9/1/10 10:04 AM web page 162 The Muscular procedure Epicranial aponeurosis Orbicularis oculi Frontalis Temporalis Buccinator Zygomaticus Masseter Orbicularis oris Sternohyoid Sternocleidomastoid Mentalis Platysma Trapezius determine 7–9. muscular tissues of the pinnacle and neck in anterior, leftlateral view. query: In what manner are either orbicularis muscle tissues related? Anterior—left lateral view desk 7–3 muscular tissues OF the top AND NECK Muscle functionality starting place Insertion Frontalis increases eyebrows, wrinkles epidermis of brow • epicranial aponeurosis • dermis above supraorbital margin Orbicularis oculi Closes eye • medial part of orbit • encircles eye Orbicularis oris Puckers lips • encircles mouth • dermis at corners of mouth Masseter Closes jaw • maxilla and zygomatic • mandible Buccinator Pulls corners of mouth laterally • maxilla and mandible • orbicularis oris Sternocleidomastoid Turns head to contrary facet (both—flex head and neck) • sternum and clavicle • temporal bone (mastoid technique) Semispinalis capitis (a deep muscle) Turns head to comparable part (both— expand head and neck) • seventh cervical and primary 6 thoracic vertebrae • occipital bone Splenius capitis Turns head to comparable part (both— expand head) • seventh cervical and primary four thoracic vertebrae • occipital bone 2256_Ch07_144-172. qxd 9/1/10 10:04 AM web page 163 The Muscular process 163 Sternocleidomastoid A Trapezius Pectoralis significant Serratus anterior Splenius capitis exterior indirect Trapezius Deltoid inner indirect Transversus abdominis Teres significant Latissimus dorsi Infraspinatus Rectus abdominis exterior indirect Rhomboideus significant Gluteus maximus B determine 7–10. muscular tissues of the trunk. (A) Anterior view. (B) Posterior view. query: Which muscular tissues of the trunk movement the arm? Why are they at the trunk? desk 7–4 muscle tissues OF THE TRUNK Muscle functionality starting place Insertion Trapezius increases, lowers, and adducts shoulders • occipital bone and all thoracic vertebrae • backbone of scapula and clavicle exterior intercostals Pull ribs up and out (inhalation) • improved rib • inferior rib inner intercostals Pull ribs down and in (forced exhalation) • inferior rib • greater rib Diaphragm Flattens (down) to magnify chest hollow space for inhalation • final 6 costal cartilages and lumbar vertebrae • relevant tendon Rectus abdominis Flexes vertebral column, compresses stomach • pubic bones • 5th–7th costal cartilages and xiphoid approach exterior indirect Rotates and flexes vertebral column, compresses stomach • decrease eight ribs • iliac crest and linea alba Sacrospinalis workforce (deep muscle groups) Extends vertebral column • ilium, lumbar, and a few thoracic vertebrae • ribs, cervical, and thoracic vertebrae 2256_Ch07_144-172. qxd 164 9/1/10 10:04 AM web page 164 The Muscular approach Deltoid Deltoid Tr iceps Brachialis Biceps Brachioradialis Brachialis Extensor carpi radialis longus Anconeus Extensor carpi radialis longus Palmaris longus Extensor digitorum Brachioradialis Flexor digitorum superficialis Flexor carpi radialis Extensor carpi ulnaris Flexor carpi ulnaris Extensor carpi radialis brevis Abductor pollicis brevis Flexor pollicis longus Extensor carpi radialis brevis Abductor pollicis longus Extensor pollicis brevis Extensor digiti minimi Abductor pollicis A determine 7–11.

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