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By A. Verna, N. Talib, A. Barets (auth.), J. A. Ribeiro, David J. Pallot (eds.)

List of contributors 1 Hypoxia-Induced Intermitochondrial Junctions within the Rabbit Carotid-Body : An Ultrastructural and Experimental examine. A. VERNA. N. TALIB and A. BARETS. eleven Ultrastructural experiences of the Cat Carotid physique Perfused for brief sessions with Physiological Saline suggestions. R.G. O'REGAN. M. KENNEDY. D. COTTELL and S. FEELY. Morphological and Biochemical 19 features of the Laryngeal Nerve paraganglia. A. DAHLQVIST. S. HELLSTROM. B. CARLSOO. J.M. PEGUIGNOT and S. DOMEIJ. 29 primary Terminations of Carotid physique Chemoreceptor Afferents. D. JORDAN. S. DONOGHUE. R.B. FELDER and K.M. SPYER. 39 Vascular Geometry of Arterial Chemoreceptors: studying in regards to the Caritud physique by way of learning paraganglia of some of the best Laryngeal Nerve D. M. McDONALD and AMY HASKELL. Altered functionality of Cat Carotid physique 50 Chemoreceptors in lengthy Hyperoxia. S. LAHIRI. E. MULLIGAN. A. MORASHI. S. ADNRONIKOU and M. SHIRAHATA. fifty nine Glycolysis as a hyperlink for Chemoreception? MARCO A. DELPIANO. Spectrophotometric stories on Carotid sixty nine physique Tissue. H. ACKER. C. EYZAGUIRRE. ATP content material within the Cat Carotid physique seventy eight less than diversified Experimental stipulations. help for the Metabolic speculation. A. onESO. L. AL~ffiRAZ and C. GONZALEZ. ninety one pathways for Calcium access into style I Cells: value for the Secretory reaction. A. OBESO. S. FIDONE and C. GONZALEZ. results of Cyanide and Acetylcholine on ninety nine Extracellular okay+ and Ca++ actions within the Cat Carotid physique. R.G. O'REGAN and H. ACKER. software of the Chemiluminescent 108 option to Carotid physique for Detecting Choline and Acetylcholine. ARCADI GUAL and JORDI HARSAL.

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