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The newest, complete, and authoritative pharmacology textual content in future health medicine

Enhanced via greater than 300 illustrations -- many in complete color

Organized to mirror the syllabi in lots of pharmacology classes and in built-in curricula, Basic & medical Pharmacology, 12e covers the real thoughts scholars want to know concerning the technology of pharmacology and its software to medical perform. collection of the subject material and order of its presentation are in keeping with the authors’ a long time event in educating this fabric to hundreds of thousands of clinical, pharmacy, dental, podiatry, nursing, and different well-being technological know-how students.

To be as clinically correct as attainable, the e-book contains sections that in particular deal with the scientific selection and use of gear in sufferers and the tracking in their results, and case reports that introduce scientific difficulties in lots of chapters. offered in complete colour and superior by means of greater than 300 illustrations, Basic & scientific Pharmacology positive aspects various precis tables and diagrams that encapsulate vital information.

Coverage that spans each point of scientific pharmacology:

  • easy ideas
  • Autonomic medicinal drugs
  • Cardiovascular-renal medicinal drugs
  • medicines with vital activities on delicate muscular tissues
  • crucial anxious procedure medicinal drugs
  • medications used to regard anemias, clotting problems, hyperlipidemia, and irritation and gout
  • Endocrine medicines
  • Chemotherapeutic and immunologic medicinal drugs
  • Toxicology
  • unique matters (perinatal, geriatric, and dermatologic pharmacology)
  • Botanical and "food supplements," and over the counter drugs
  • Prescribing

Also during this edition:

  • Drug precis Tables finish such a lot chapters, supplying a concise precis of crucial medicinal drugs
  • common thoughts when it comes to newly came across receptors, receptor mechanisms, and drug transporters
  • Descriptions of vital new medicines, together with monoclonal antibodies

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