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This full-color atlas is designed for all scholars taking separate or built-in classes in human anatomy and body structure. This atlas can accompany and increase any human anatomy, human body structure or mixed human anatomy and body structure textbook. it truly is designed to be of specific price to scholars in a laboratory state of affairs and will both accompany a laboratory handbook or, in convinced classes, it might probably function the laboratory guide.

Great care has long gone into the practise of this photographic atlas to supply scholars with an entire set of images for every of the human physique structures. Cat, fetal pig, and rat dissection also are incorporated for these scholars who've the chance to do comparable dissections as a part of their laboratory requirement. furthermore, pictures of a sheep center dissection also are integrated.

A visible stability is accomplished among some of the degrees to be had to monitor the constitution of the physique. thoroughly categorized, informative figures are depicted basically and effectively. The phrases utilized in this atlas are those who are authorized and advised by means of the Basle Nomina Anatomica (BNA).

Some of the adjustments for this re-creation comprise a brand new paintings software, new vertebrate dissection photographs (new specimens have been dissected to acquire larger caliber photos of the muscular and organ systems), and a brand new complete web page center valve/cardiac cycle determine. 3-hole drilled.

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Urinary bladder 2. Lung 7. Diaphragm three. middle inside pericardium 8. Liver 4. Gallbladder 9. belly five. Small gut 10. larger omentum 10 nine eight 7 7 6 five four three 2 1 determine 19. 28 An anterior view of the viscera. 1. Cranial (superior) vena cava 8. Lung 2. center 9. Diaphragm 3. Gallbladder 10. belly 4. Liver 11. better omentum five. Small gut 12. Urinary bladder 6. Spermatic twine 13. Penis 7. correct testicle thirteen 12 eleven 10 nine eight Unit - 7 Vertebrate Dissections bankruptcy 19 - Cat Dissection 181 9 eight 7 6 five four three 1 2 determine 19. 29 An anterior view of the deep buildings of the trunk. 1. correct universal carotid artery 10. Left brachiocephalic vein 2. Vagus nerve 11. Cranial (superior) vena cava three. middle (cut) 12. Aortic arch four. Thoracic aorta 13. Intercostal artery 5. Liver 14. Celiac trunk 6. belly 15. better mesenteric artery 7. Spleen sixteen. Kidney eight. Small gut 17. Urinary bladder 9. Colon 17 sixteen 15 14 thirteen eleven 12 10 eight 7 five 6 four three 2 1 determine 19. 30 The urinary process. 1. Liver 9. belly 2. Spleen (reflected) 10. Renal artery three. correct kidney 11. Left kidney four. Caudal (inferior) 12. Renal vein vena cava 13. Left ureter five. correct ureter 14. Inferior mesenteric 6. stomach aorta artery 7. Colon 15. Penis eight. Urinary bladder 15 14 thirteen 12 eleven 10 nine 182 A Photographic Atlas for the Anatomy and body structure Laboratory 11 10 nine eight 7 6 five four three 2 1 determine 19. 31 The urogenital process 1. improved mesenteric artery 2. Kidney three. Caudal (inferior) vena cava four. stomach aorta five. correct ureter 6. correct testicular artery 7. Colon 8. Urethra 9. Prostate 10. Penis 11. correct testis of a male cat. 12. Renal artery and vein 13. Renal cortex 14. Renal pelvis 15. Renal medulla 16. Left testicular vein 17. Left testicular artery 18. Left ureter 19. Ductus (vas) deferens 20. Urinary bladder 21. Spermatic wire 22. Left testis 22 21 20 19 18 17 sixteen 14 15 12 thirteen eight 7 6 four five three 2 1 determine 19. 32 The urogenital approach of a feminine cat. 1. Kidney nine. Small gut 2. Ureter 10. Caudal (inferior) vena cava 3. Ovary 11. Horn of uterus 4. Ureter 12. Colon five. Urinary bladder 13. physique of uterus 6. Urethra 14. Vagina 7. Clitoris 15. Labia 8. Vestibule 15 14 thirteen 12 eleven 10 nine Unit - 7 Vertebrate Dissections bankruptcy 19 - Cat Dissection 183 A Photographic Atlas for the Anatomy and body structure Laboratory 184 5HQDODUWHU\ DQGYHLQ $EGRPLQDO SRUWLRQRI WKHDRUWD 5LJKWNLGQH\ ,QIHULRUYHQDFDYD 6SHUPDWLFDUWHU\ 8UHWHUV 6SHUPDWLFYHLQ 8ULQDU\ EODGGHU 8UHWKUD %XOERXUHWKUDO JODQG *ODQVSHQLV 5LJKWNLGQH\ 8UHWHU 'XFWXVGHIHUHQV 8ULQDU\ EODGGHU 3URVWDWH &UXVSHQLV 6SHUPDWLFFRUG $QDOJODQG 8UHWKUD 9DJLQD 7HVWLV 3HQLV 6FURWXP $QXV determine 19. 33 A diagram of the urogenital process of a male cat. $EGRPLQDO SRUWLRQRI WKHDRUWD ,QIHULRUYHQDFDYD 2YDULDQDUWHU\ 2YDULDQYHLQ )LPEULDH 8WHULQHWXEH 2YDULDQOLJDPHQW %RG\RIXWHUXV 5HQDODUWHU\ DQGYHLQ 5HFWXP &OLWRULV FXW 8URJHQLWDO RULILFH $QXV determine 19. 34 A diagram of the urogenital method of a feminine cat.

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